The courage to express

Trance as both continuity with and break from your own everyday experience of yourself, in and out with hypnosis.

One important aspect of the hypnotic experience is the continuity between trance and the so called ‘waking state’. What do I mean by this? I mean that in hypnosis you are conscious and have an awareness of being conscious during the experience. You will both experience and at the same time consciously record and observe what you experience. And I think this is a very powerful quality to states like hypnosis and meditation, they are readily integrated into our conscious self.

This reflects on the feeling that we are left with when we come out of a trance, a form of confidence and clarity, an increase in our self-belief. Often to believe in ourselves can mean to narrow who we understand ourselves to be, strong beliefs are seldomly open and embracing beliefs. Shaking our beliefs is essential, and sometimes it feels that the only to shake our acquired or chosen beliefs is to crack the self open with a crowbar.  In hypnosis we are gently yet markedly expanding that sense of self whilst experiencing a connectedness to both the self and its inner capacity to expand which gives us a strong sense of agency. It is not this thing or that thing which gives you a ticket to a higher experience, it is you who can shift your perception and experience greater depth, higher perspectives, and fuller texture.

Like almost anything in life, it is easier to find our way whilst in the company of another human than it is to do so alone.

Like almost anything in life, it is easier to find our way whilst in the company of another human than it is to do so alone. Having the support and guidance of another person without them directing and informing your experience makes accessing that experience as easy and as drinking a glass of water.

Once you are out of trance the feeling of what you have experienced and allowed yourself to express to yourself will pour out into your everyday life, giving you the courage to express and allow expression to develop and manifest. This comes in part from the very way in which trance arises from within and brings out our deeper feelings and thoughts, memories and sensations, but also from the very closeness we experience to our deeper self in trance. It gives us courage to be close and intimate with who we are and what we feel, think, and sense. This intimacy is the only true requirement to health and growth, once we are comfortable to be with ourselves we are comfortable to be with the world.

page from a Ragamala Series: Gujari Ragini, Pali, Marwar, 1623 (National Museum Of India)
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