Wombat Podcast Interview : Hypnotherapy Explained
August 12, 2023

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In this enlightening episode of the Wombat Podcast, we dive deep into the world of hypnotherapy with our special guest, Michele Occelli. Michele shares his unique journey into hypnotherapy, starting from an intriguing course he took years ago. As we explore the different ways to work with senses and consciousness, Michele sheds light on various traditions related to hypnotherapy and offers insights that might just change the way you perceive the mind.


00:00 – Introduction to the episode and Michele Occelli

02:30 – Michele’s early interest in hypnotherapy

05:45 – The course that sparked Michele’s journey

09:00 – Exploring senses and consciousness

12:15 – Traditions related to hypnotherapy

16:00 – Michele’s experiences as a hypnotherapist in London

20:30 – Common misconceptions about hypnotherapy

24:45 – The transformative power of hypnotherapy

28:00 – Michele’s advice for those interested in the field

32:15 – Closing thoughts and reflections Join us for this captivating conversation and discover the fascinating world of hypnotherapy with Michele Occelli.