Seeing Things
April 16, 2018
9:30 AM
Modena, Italy
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Melissa Moore and Michele Occelli will explore the act of looking as a practice of intimacy in this 3 days workshop at the Fondazione Modena Arti Visive FMAV

In this 3 day workshop Melissa Moore and Michele Occelli will explore the act of looking as a practice of intimacy, which can happen in the sunlight, or at night, with eyes wide open or eyes wide shut. Participants will conduct photographic journeys through the city diurnal and nocturnal landscapes. Visual, somatic and hypnotic exercises will be utilised to blur and defy the divide between visible and invisible, sensed and seen. Through the combination of observation, movement and trance, we will seek to venture deeper into the flow of perception, whereby seeing stills itself into being.

Melissa Moore is a London-based artist. She studied Photography at Manchester Metropolitan University, Experimental Visual Design at The University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria, and has a Masters of Fine Arts degree with Distinction for Research from the Royal College of Art, London. Her previous series Land Ends was exhibited in Europe, Singapore, Japan, US and Canada, and is in the permanent Museum collection of Fondazione Fotografia, Modena, Italy and collected in the monograph Land Ends, published by Skira in 2013. She is a Course Leader at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London.You can read more about her work at PhotomonitorAesthetica Magazine; and the Independent.

Michele Occelli’s approach to hypnotherapy utilizes a combination of Ericksonian and ideo-dynamic techniques to enable processes of change and self-discovery. After years of academic research in both eastern and western philosophy (SOAS, King’s College and Goldsmith’s College), he trained as a whirling dervish with the Mevlevi Order of Konya. The study and practice of Hypnotherapy came because of a desire to engage both mind and body as a unity, which is the basis for any form of understanding of both self and the world. He is currently assistant tutor on the postgraduate Hypnotherapy Diploma for the BHRTS at Birkbeck College.