Hypnosis for Nervous System Regulation
November 15, 2023
19:00 pm

Online hypnotherapy group session, suitable for everyone who wishes to explore hypnosis for greater wellbeing and mind-body communication

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This live hypnotherapy session purports to be an effective addition to your regular mental health care. We will work with hypnosis to harness the capacity of our nervous system to regulate. I will guide you through three distinct hypnotic processes over the 90 minutes length of the session to stimulate and enable self-regulation, wellbeing and flow.

Nervous system dysregulation is a very common issue for the vast majority of people who live in busy urban environments and deal with the complexities of work and life balance and imbalance.
Hypnotherapy can enable effective mind-body communication, increasing our capacity to move flexibly between different states rather than getting stuck in high-arousal, resulting in an healthier cognitive, psychological and physiological response to stress which re-connects us to our environment and releases overwhelm.

Even in a group setting, hypnosis can harness and stimulate your own problem-solving resources in a way that is specifically meaningful to you within the context of your present life.Just like with an online yoga class, you can drop in and experience a full hypnosis process from the comfort of your home. 

You do not need any previous experience of hypnosis, and neither any special skills, or competences. Everyone can experience hypnosis when guided appropriately, it is a very easy process for our minds and bodies to join in. If you are not very good at meditating, and find that experience frustrating, you will find being hypnotised and being in hypnosis most likely easier and rewarding. Hypnosis very easily creates “a non-judgmental immersive experience,” which often takes a lot of practice to achieve in meditation.


This process is not therapy, and should not be used as a substitute for therapy. Our aim here is to develop nervous system regulation, as mind/body attunement and wellbeing, not to unpack or address specific individual therapeutic needs.

You will need to have your camera on throughout, and enough light for me to be able to see you. Ideally wear light colours, rather than black/dark colours. Be sitting on a comfortable sofa or armchair or equivalent with your head supported by a pillow or back rest.

Though hypnosis is mostly a very pleasant and enjoyable experience, at times there might be strong physical and psychological responses that arise in the process.

We will finish the workshop with a 15 min sharing circle, where we aim to integrate the experience, and share any observations, reflections, what was useful, surprising or not useful. Everyone is asked to stay for the sharing circle, and free to speak and share or simply to listen.

Who can participate?

This experience is suitable for anyone above the age of 18, who wants to explore the experience of hypnosis, and its benefits.

Who cannot participate ?

As this is an online group process, rather than an in person one-to-one, it is not advised to individuals who are medically and psychologically actively unwell at the time of the class.
If you are currently undergoing therapy with me I ask you to discuss with me whether joining this process is appropriate for you.

Who is your practitioner?

My name is Michele Occelli, I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist with over 13 years of direct clinical experience. I have trained with some of the most renowned names in the field of hypnotherapy and I have been helping people with hypnosis in both one-to-one and group setting. You can see my website below for more information about my practice and myself.

By purchasing your ticket, you certify that you have no contraindications to participating in this hypnosis session.