Beyond Five Senses Audible Series
May 17, 2024
Audible Original Series

An exploration of our extraordinary sensory abilities through neuroscience and neuroaesthetics, with an episode on pain and hypnosis.

I have contributed to an episode of Beyond Five Senses, where I discuss with hosts Robyn Landau and Katherine Templar Lewis, experts in neuroscience and neuroaesthetics, some of the mechanisms of hypnosis.

The new series invites you on an exploration our extraordinary sensory abilities lying beyond the traditional five as we know them. You will also learn about the superpower-like capabilities of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch that we often overlook. This show is an experiential way to learn about the science behind your senses and well-being, blending real-life stories and interviews with pioneering neuroscientists. It unveils our hidden sensory superpowers, including our sense of smell, hearing, our physical and even internal bodies, and how by tapping into them, you can boost your health, creativity, connection, and well-being. From the therapeutic potential of touch to the transformative effects of music on non-auditory perception, each episode offers a fascinating glimpse into the diverse realm of human sensory experiences.

Dive into the stories of individuals who have discovered new sensory capacities and navigate conversations with scientists and experts to celebrate the richness of human perception. Beyond Five Senses serves as an experiential field guide for listeners to awaken their hidden sensory superpowers and harness these abilities for better health, enhanced creativity, and a richer experience of being human.
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