Between Bridges Foundation Summer School
July 19, 2023
2 PM

#12 Un/Worlding
A summer seminar with Jack Halberstam, Tavia Nyong’o and Damon Young
10–19 July 2023

Descension: an ongoing work Rafael Perez Evans and myself are developing and recently presented as part of the Unworldling Summer School, at Between Bridges Berlin.

Big Thanks to Jack Halberstam, Tavia Nyong’o and Damon Young for the incredible journey and convening this incredible roaming seminar, and for supporting us in presenting this work in progress. 

Big thanks to all participating colleagues, Wolfgang Tillmans and Viktor Neumann for all the support! 

Rafael and I are developing work in the terrain of expanded sculpture and pedagogy – working with the idea of asilvestrar which is a Spanish translation of the term rewilding. 

This live hypnosis exercise is an introduction to a work in progress which is durational and which we hope to activate in various art settings and in and out of universities.