My focus is in helping people find their own strength and resources to improve their lives.

Through my competence, care and experience I will work with you to support and nourish your journey and give confidence and strength to your development. Together we will focus on your wellbeing, your sense of direction and purpose, allowing you to to release what is no longer useful making space for what is needed. 

I will provide you with an individually tailored treatment combining a unique blend of Ericksonian and ideodynamic techniques. We will work with both mind and body to establish new patterns of behaviour, develop new skills and expand your resources. Through my approach you will reach the level of wellbeing which will result in a lasting significant change in your life.

I have studied hypnotherapy with Stephen Brooks, the man responsible for introducing Ericksonian hypnotherapy to the United Kingdom. I have also studied with Dr. Ernest Rossi, and Dr. Steven Gilligan, both significant contributors to the field of hypnotherapy and direct pupils of Milton H. Erickson.

I have hundreds of hours of direct clinical experience having worked with clients from all walks of life and all ages. I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist having completed two postgraduate diplomas in Indirect Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and NLP to advanced level with Distinction, with the British Hypnosis Research and Training Institute. I have also taught as assistant tutor on hypnotherapy courses held by the BHRTI at Birkbeck College, University of London. I am fully insured and a registered professional member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).



Hypnotherapy with Michele has helped me enormously with symptoms such as bad sleeping patterns, back pain and sugar cravings. Moreover, during the course of treatment – and most certainly, because of the treatment – I was able to look into the source of these problems, as well as identifying other deep rooted issues which were surfacing as muscular pain, inability to relax and general frustration.

Renata Molina Lopez
Gallerist, Dukestreetjame's

Michele has transformed my life. I went to him not knowing what to expect but in the years of seeing him I’ve noticed massive difference in many aspects of my life. I was able to identify the triggers that drive my anxiety and undo a lot of irrational thoughts that were holding me back in my career and personal life. His process drives you into a deep mediation like state that allows you to clear your mind. Highly recommended.

Stephen Mai
CEO Woo by ITV

My sessions with Michele were profoundly changing. He very obviously has the strength and stamina, the sensitivity, compassion, the intellectual capacity and deep focus necessary for the work. He also has the best voice in London. Michele is able to help one to achieve greater psycho-physical integration, and also insight by allowing one to go much deeper into an idea that you might bring to the session. I think this is why creative practitioners really like to work with Michele. He has a fundemental grasp of the creative principle. He is effective. He is soulful. He is amazing.

Bonnie Camplin
Artist and Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths

My mind felt clouded and overwhelmed with thoughts, there was a lot going on, creatively, running a business, dealing with a bereavement. Our therapy sessions felt like journeys, I would let half of my mind journey while the other half would watch from above. Hypnotherapy with Michele allowed me to truly
experience my own vulnerability without censorship for the first time in my life, while feeling safe and having absolute clarity in doing so. This has been life changing. Today I still can connect back to those journeys and feel the same feeling of relief and clarity. The sessions really did and still do help me deal with life today and I am extremely grateful for his skills and his understanding of the help I needed back then.

Nasir Mazhar
Fashion designer

A true true gift.

Michele’s guidance has made my healing and integration process feel effortless and sacred. Where before there was resistance, frustration and neglect, now there is compassion and a deeper relationship with my human body and intuition.

Michele’s direct, gentle and intuitive approach to healing and hypnotherapy has helped me untangle deeply rooted emotions, memories and thought patterns in a very short space of time. The somatic difference is incredible to experience, I can feel and witness how my responses to life are shifting from fear to loving awareness.

I always leave each session with a beautiful silence in my body and a feeling that anything is possible.

Alexandra Fleming

Working with Michele has been an incredibly helpful and in many ways a unique experience. Our sessions helped me from day one. With his help I have been able to quit smoking, improve my relationship with those I care about, feel calmer and developed a better self-awareness.

I believe everyone has to go through this experience. It is a chance to dive in deep into your own brain and improve yourself. Michele is thorough, patient and calm. He patiently observes your body reactions and guides you along this journey.

All in all he is really a joy to work with and a source of inspiration. I’ll be hopefully working with him for years to come.

Mehran Gharleghi