At the still point of the turning world

How does Hypnotherapy work?

A hypnotic state is a natural occurrence we experience every day, when daydreaming, when playing sports, when immersing ourselves in a film or a novel.

The world around you appears to dissolve, or become less important, and whatever it is that you are focusing on takes on your undivided attention, feelings and perception.

Guided by a skilled therapist, your inner mind becomes more curious, free, and creative, unhindered to affect  profound and lasting changes to behaviours, feelings, thought patterns and actual physical modalities. 

Whether you need to release established patterns of behaviour, decondition unhelpful ways of thinking and feeling, or release trauma, by using hypnosis, this therapy produces surprising changes which spring from unconscious releases and make way to both unconscious and conscious new learning.

Today, science is demonstrating how our mind is directly responsible for the state of our immune system and for most processes of health or illness which affect our lives. By addressing both mind and body, hypnotherapy develops the resources and equilibrium necessary for health and wellbeing.


A note on online
video hypnotherapy
Does it work?

I offer online one to one therapy to clients who cannot attend in person treatments. My online sessions can enable you to get the help you need from wherever your home is, through zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp. I have been successfully practicing online therapy for years, as hypnotherapy works as effectively online as it does face-to-face. You will access the same level of dedication and support as an in person client.