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A hypnotic state is a natural occurrence we experience every day when daydreaming, when immersing ourselves in a film or a novel, when playing sports. The world around us appears to dissolve, or become less important, and whatever it is that we are focusing on takes on our attention, feelings and perception.

Guided by a skilled therapist, our inner mind becomes more curious, free, and creative, unhindered to affect profound and lasting changes to behaviour, feelings, thought patterns and actual physical modalities.

Hypnotherapy harnesses the problem-solving creative nature of the mind to release established patterns of behaviour, decondition ways of thinking and feeling, and release trauma. By using hypnosis, this therapy produces surprising changes which spring from unconscious releases and make way to both unconscious and conscious new learning.

Today, science is demonstrating how our mind is directly responsible for the state of our immune system and for most processes of health or illness which affect our lives. By addressing both mind and body, hypnotherapy seeks to develop the resources and equilibrium necessary for health and wellbeing.


I work with people who have often tried other forms of therapy without achieving the results they needed. The range of problems I can help you address and the goals I can help you achieve are greater than you can imagine at this point. Whether you wish to have more confidence, health, mental and physical balance and energy, or you wish to let go of fears, anxiety, lack of confidence, I can guide you to find the resources to unlock the right set of changes and developments.

Often we are seeking change but do not know how to achieve it. This therapy will give you the clarity and strength to find your actual potential. I work jointly with resolving specific issues within a short-term time frame and to develop more complex and far reaching goals over the longer term.

I have seen individual clients achieve profound changes, letting go of anxieties, depression, stress, fears, phobias, negative beliefs, becoming confident and effective in their everyday life, both at work, with their partners and onwards, with new and exciting projects.

Hypnotherapy can work with an almost limitless range of problems and achieve an extraordinary variety of goals. Rather than listing what I can help you address, please ring: we will have a have a one-to-one initial telephone conversation where we can explore your needs and how best I can help you.

Feb 3, 2018
The courage to express

Trance as both continuity with and break from your own everyday experience of yourself, in and out with hypnosis

Feb 3, 2018
Hypnosis and creativity

Is your imagination free and curious or worn down by all the layers of stucco your successes and failures have laid upon it?

Feb 3, 2018
Hypnosis and the scenic route to a meaningful life.

...or how developing inner focus can expand the already existing creative resources of your mind/body


My focus is in helping people find their own strength and resources to improve their lives. I will work with you to support and nourish your journey and give confidence and strength to your development. Together we will focus on your wellbeing, your sense of direction and purpose, allowing you to to release what is no longer useful making space for what is needed. 

Combining Ericksonian and ideodynamic techniques we will work with both mind and body to establish new patterns of behaviour, develop new skills and expand your resources. Through my approach you will reach the level of wellbeing which will result in a lasting significant change in your life.

I have studied hypnotherapy with Stephen Brooks, the man responsible for introducing Ericksonian hypnotherapy to the United Kingdom. I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist having completed two diplomas in Indirect Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and NLP to advanced level with distinction, with the British Hypnosis Research and Training Institute. I have also taught as assistant tutor on hypnotherapy courses held by the BHRTI at Birkbeck College, University of London. I am fully insured and a registered member of both the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).


My mind felt clouded and overwhelmed with thoughts, there was a lot going on, creatively, running a business, dealing with a bereavement. Our therapy sessions felt like journeys, I would let half of my mind journey while the other half would watch from above. Hypnotherapy with Michele allowed me to truly experience my own vulnerability without censorship for the first time in my life, while feeling safe and having absolute clarity in doing so. This has been life changing. Today I still can connect back to those journeys and feel the same feeling of relief and clarity. The sessions really did and still do help me deal with life today and I am extremely grateful for his skills and his understanding of the help I needed back then

Nasir Mazhar Fashion Designer

My sessions with Michele were profoundly changing. He very obviously has the strength and stamina, the sensitivity, compassion, the intellectual capacity and deep focus necessary for the work. He also has the best voice in London! Michele is able to help one to achieve greater psycho-physical integration, and also insight by allowing one to go much deeper into an idea that you might bring to the session. I think this is why creative practitioners really like to work with Michele. He has a fundemental grasp of the creative principle. He is effective. He is soulful. He is amazing.

Bonnie Camplin Artist and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Goldsmiths

Hypnotherapy with Michele has helped me enormously with symptoms such as bad sleeping patterns, back pain and sugar cravings. Moreover, during the course of treatment - and most certainly, because of the treatment - I was able to look into the source of these problems, as well as identifying other deep rooted issues which were surfacing as muscular pain, inability to relax and general frustration

Renata Molina Lopez, Gallerist, Duke Street St James's

My experience of hypnotherapy was precious and profoundly transformational. Michele is a gifted professional with sharp listening skills, whose work has enabled me to unlock and start drawing fully from an undiscovered mine of inner resources, and guided me all the way through unsolved knots and personal griefs to start revising deeply rooted thinking patterns and begin a beautiful healing process.

Chiara Cirella


Apr 16, 2018
Fondazione Fotografia Modena
Nov 17, 2017
The Well Garden


My therapy practice is located in East London, Bethnal Green. It is 10 min walk from Hoxton and Shoreditch High Street overground stations, 10 min walk from Bethnal green tube station, closeby the financial district (the City) and the Hoxton and Spitafields area.

10am to 7pm (last appointment) monday to saturday

£70 - 60 minutes
£60 - 60 minutes for students and unemployed
(concessions to be agreed before arrival)

Notice of cancellation must be at least 24 hours in advance

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